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From: “Happier than I could have imagined”

I had a nasty dent, from a golf ball on my front fender, on a sharp body line, too. Other paintless dent removal guys either tried, and failed or said it cannot be done. Advanced dent removal, not only repaired the damage the other guys created trying to fix it, but also got the dent out flawlessly.

I would highly recommend them to anyone. I am happier than I could have imagined. – Kyle Nead


From: Windsor Body Works

We At Windsor Bodyworks Have Been Doing Business With Advance Dent Removal For Six Years. From Small One Dent Repairs Two Many Dents On A Hail Damaged Vehicle.  Never Having Any Customer Concerns . Dave Is Very Pleasant And Good To Work With.  We Here At Bodyworks Recommend Dave For Any Dent Repairs You May Require.  – Pete T.


Planed on keeping this ride for the long term after some possible performance upgrades but was sick of seeing accumulating door dings. Those of you who have and love black paint knows it’s a blessing and curse with this colour. It shows every dirt particle, water drop or stain, scratch or swirl. The Most apparent to me was a door ding/crease that I received only a week after I got the car.  This 6 inch crease was bothersome but not enough to do body work and not to mention the cost to repaint the rear quarter panel.
I generally park in a spot as far away as possible to avoid door dings from careless car owners and was able to do so for the past 3.5 years. Just up until the end of this winter 2 more appeared on my passenger side door. One so deep and so close to the edge of the door that it had created a double line from the structural seam from underneath the surface. At this point I thought the least I could do was buff out the scratches to improve the look. My detailer had recommended me to see Dave who helped him out on some dents on his FX35.  Having heard that he had gone to more then few people telling him it was an impossible spot to fix until he found Dave that finally did the job, I decided it was worth a try.
After Meeting Dave I can tell he had a passion for his work and loved cars. I was in amazement watching him do his work as he worked out one ding after another right in front of me. It was literally magic! The dents were gone as of it never happened and It literally only took him an hour and a half.

Keep up the good work Dave!

– Andy F, Windsor, ON

Subject: Re  – Service  / Repair  done on My Lincoln MKZ

Hi Dave  –  Just want to say that both my Husband and I are pleased with the repair work done on my 2 dents on my vehicle

– Much appreciated   – Great Job –  you  would never know anything was there prior.

– Donna

Just a quick note to say how great the repair to my car looks.  I was assured by a fellow who does touch up work on cars that if you were unable to fix the small dent in my car, nobody else could.  He is the best at what he does. That was enough reassurance for me and I wasn’t disappointed.  The job you did returned the car to its original beauty and I am very grateful you were able to do it.  Once again, thanks Dave.

– Marilyn Gardner